What are the main performance characteristics of Led lamp cup

by:Sehon     2020-11-01

1, there are various colors to choose

each kind of lamp cup has red, yellow, blue, green, white and three color combinations or 7 colour change, jump to add colour, three color flicker, three color gradient colour synchronization, three color gradient jump colorful synchronization and a variety of color change.

2, LED the number

the number of the LED MR16 lamp cup sizes have 6 to 20; PAR20 number of LED lamp cup specifications have 9 to 38; PAR30 number of LED lamp cup specifications for more than 38, monochrome or colorful.

3, long life

LED a good theory for up to 100000 hours. As calculated by 8 hours a day, its theory taking in more than 27 years. CPL lamp cup stature and the theory of more than 100000 hours.

4, low power consumption

average power leds monomer is 0. 05 w, 9 f5mm LED monochrome cup is 0. 5 W, 12 monochrome cup is 0. 6 w, 15 monochromatic cup of 0. 8 w, 18 monochromatic cup of 0. 1 w 9 w, seven lights cup. A CPL lamp cup than the same brightness of incandescent lamp energy saving more than 90%, its energy saving effect than energy-saving lamps.

5, produce less heat, strong resistance to vibration force

monochromatic light cup of low power, produce less heat. In LED lamp cup, LED light source is a kind of high hardness resin instead of tungsten filament glass, etc. , it is not easy to damage, so the vibration resistance is relatively high, the environment temperature is adaptable.

6, glass hermetically-sealed planning

LED astigmatism color changing mugs and concentrated monochromatic cup all choose transparent ( Or frosted) Glass hermetically-sealed planning.

7, handling ability

LED lights cup can be through the external control device for a variety of dynamic program control, can be very widely applied to outdoor billboards all kinds of dynamic planning and border of the pictures to decorate.

8 sensitive, planning

is a point light source, LED planners after the sensitive point, line and plane combination, can plan according to customer's request all kinds of different shapes, different particles of light source, its planning is very sensitive.

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