What are the role campus at night LED lighting engineering

by:Sehon     2020-11-02

with all sorts of different areas need scene lighting, and practice for the construction of lighting in the night and be more bright, also can maintain the charm of this may include performance and characteristics, the picture is on the basis of the school of the lighting requirements, but in a different scene environment planning have different lights lighting effect, night LED lighting project to fully explain the main function of its planning.

1, depict the object image

according to Ming art gives school scene more vitality, and the color in the scene is not only to school decoration effect, and can also use the illumination method can make the object with environment space stereo space, and can correspond to the surrounding environment, to form the contrast in comparison, can be distinguished with the theme of the scene.

2, rich school space

in school, to the projection lamp irradiation on the building of decent, will make it clearer, the structure is more bright, but due to the change of in the lamp of light and shadow form the space show together can improve the space of the building structure and texture of vivid, can make the building space show mystery romantic and colorful.

3, foil atmosphere

to foil the atmosphere of the scene lighting artistic appeal to the person's psychology and light environment plays a decisive role, passes through in the light of the foil to create the environment, can be outstanding sight the point, also can use the technique of science and technology, the use of color together, grasp the rhythm, can make the surrounding environment has the dreamy artistic conception, and can let a person get drunk.

overall, night view lighting engineering are will be assisted with reasonable lighting lamps and lanterns and reasonable planning features, can show on in the right into the role of night scene illumination brightness is better, more portrays the school after the lights decorate the beauty of beauty in the night.

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