What are the skills of choose and buy LED bulbs

by:Sehon     2020-11-04

LED lamp is every household supplies, not only the high illumination, and also more energy saving, is indeed a good thing. But because of commonly used, so the city road there are a lot of the inferior products, manufactured to buy back is not only a waste of money, may also form the safe hidden trouble, take a look at today, how to choose LED filament bulb have what skill, also is for us to introduce a few good LED filament bulb.

key points of LED lights to choose

1 color temperature

light source are categorized into two cool color and warm color to move, and the LED is mainly divided into warm and cool colors, if it's in the bedroom, as far as possible choose warm color to move the LED light, building a warm atmosphere. If it is maybe some public area sitting room, use cool color to move the light source is better.

2 color rendering index

is short for color rendering index CRI, feel very big? About color rendering index actually refers to is the color of the leds, there are a lot of kinds, we can according to oneself the home style deployment of a different color. CRI's deployment of direct resolution on the emergence of the style is complete, whether to match the style. Three lumens

this is our best understanding of share, lumen is refers to the lamp lighting index, general lumen is higher, the stronger the light source. But isn't lumens, the higher the better? In fact is not, only need to meet the general lighting, and Gao Liuming instead of high energy consumption, also hurts eyes overnight.

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