What is raw material for decorative led light bulbs in Sehon Light Bulb ?
For all manufacturing companies focusing on product quality, the investment in the raw materials occupies a relatively large proportion of the total cost. Hangzhou Sehon Technology Co., Ltd.is one of them. We pay attention to the quality of the raw materials. Having gone through a lot of hardships and performed multiple standard tests on raw materials, we finally found reliable suppliers of raw materials relating decorative led light bulbs . The high quality of our finished products is the result of combining all the superior characteristics of those certified raw materials. For further information about the utilized raw materials, we welcome your inquiry.

In the ever changing market, Sehon always understands customers' needs and make change. led road lights produced by Sehon Light Bulb is very popular in the market. In the developing stage of Sehon led edison bulb, the researchers use the plantar pressure scanner and three-dimensional scanner to take samples of foot structures. It can be supplied with a customized package based on customers' needs. The product is widely used in the market for its remarkable economic value and high cost performance. It is manufactured in our factory which has been certified under ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:1996.

According to our service core of filament light bulbs, our business has been blooming. Get more info!
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