What is the difference between LED bulb light and LED lamp

by:Sehon     2020-11-08

in the first place, the appearance of led bulb light and led to shoot the light is different, one is similar to the ball, a similar irregular cylinder, therefore, we can be identified with the naked eye, it is very easy a difference method.

LED bulb light is a kind of shape is chosen people has seen many of the shape of the light bulb, is spherical, and its internal selection of light source, is now very popular LED chip, energy saving, environmental protection, the use.

LED bulb light compared with the traditional light bulb before, its shell raw material instead of glass, but choose, PC cover shell pervious to light of this sort of raw material is very good, therefore, can make better lighting intensity. The use of the method with the traditional light bulb using similar methods. Together, can the three-dimensional light-emitting.

the LED lamp is a kind of light-emitting diodes as the light source to shoot the light. In general, the traditional halogen lamp is chosen mostly to shoot the light, the light power is lower, more power consumption, use of short stature. LED light source in energy saving, environmental protection, life spans, etc all have more advantages than traditional lighting lamps and lanterns.

around the LED lamp can be installed in the ceiling or the top of the furniture, also may be placed on a wall or in the line that play a base. The light immediate illuminate is on demand outstanding things, outstanding its administrative levels. Together, the light is soft, can not only the key effect on the entire lighting, can foil air again.

it, all the lamps and lanterns of each have each, each have each use, we only choose the most suitable for our household life demand that a can.

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