What is the LED lights flash

by:Sehon     2020-10-30

now can be seen everywhere on the streets and LED display, and decorate with LED lights and LED lights, everywhere LED lights, LED has been into every corners of life. Using LED light is the choice of every family, but also some people after the device such as LED, light will shine.

in the evening, will feel more scary, then LED lights shine what reason be? Want to dealing with shining, you must find the reason, talented enough to completely improve. The following will introduce our LED lights shine.

LED lights shine is the reason why

1, LED lights and LED driver power supply do not match, normal single foot 1 w lights bead accept current: 80 - 300 ma, voltage: 3. 0 - 3. 4 v, if light bead chip is not enough power, will cause the light light stroboscopic phenomenon, high current lamp bead can't accept a bright out, serious phenomenon will turn the light bead built-in perhaps gold wire burn out, lead to light bead is not on.

2, may be the driving power source is broken, as long as you put on another good drive power supply, do not flash;

3, if the driver had maintenance function, and can't meet the requirements, the material of lamps and lanterns of the cooling function driver begin temperature maintenance task and there will be a flash of a phenomenon, such as: 20 w project-light lamp shell used to assemble the lamps and lanterns of 30 w, heat dissipation homework don't do a good will;

4, if outdoor lamps and lanterns also have a stroboscopic light a phenomenon, that is the lamps and lanterns into the water. As a consequence, shining with flashing is not lit up. Lamp bead and drive is bad, drive waterproof do fine, just a broken lamp bead, replace the light source;

this is the cause of the LED lights shine, leds are common in the day, the light shining looking for talents to make the right treatment for the reasons, expecting to help us. Believe that science and technology increasingly developed in the future, LED to more and more variety of way to bring more convenience for our days, that demand our researchers are increasingly trying to learn knowledge, so as to contribute to the development of science and technology talent.

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