What is the LED wash wall lamp

by:Sehon     2020-10-15

now decorate in the family and the process of all kinds of building material decoration, can use all kinds of wash wall lamp, for now, throughout chosen is to wash the wall lamp, LED but many people don't understand this kind of lamps and lanterns, don't know what is the wash wall lamp, whether can open their own vision, let oneself learn more knowledge, then it must be to have a look at this article well, what exactly is to wash the wall lamp?

what wash wall lamp is

that means LED wash wall lamp is light like water through the same bridge deck, the primary role of the wash wall lamp is that used for building decoration lighting, the use of this kind of wash wall lamp, to sketch the outline of a large building, due to the LED lamps and lanterns is very outstanding advantages, such as energy saving and lighting intensity is high, and has a long use life. So now, in manufacturing washing wall lamp can choose LED light source, have more advantages, such a source was chosen among many categories. Structure characteristics

LED wash wall lamp, structure characteristic is very outstanding, first it chooses power supply module device inside the shell, because of the wash wall lamp space is limited, so in order to be able to save more space, generally the corresponding components welding on the PCB directly, but if you buy wash wall lamp is to choose this kind of structure, it is best not to buy, because is likely to appear the phenomenon of welding is not strong enough, once appear fall off phenomenon, occurs very dangerous problem, but if this way of surface welding add the fixed glue, this structure is also able to choose!

what are the basic parameter

many people don't understand LED wash wall lamp, more do not know what are the wash wall lamp parameters, to wash the wall lamp in the selection of time must be according to your needs to choose different parameters to wash the wall lamp, first about the wash wall lamp, it is the primary parameter of power and voltage, it will directly influence his lighting brightness, on the other hand, is the IP protection grade, refers to prevent dust from entering the level, on the other hand also contains colour specifications and color temperature, in addition to these, in order to be able to reach the ambitious decoration effect, about luminous viewpoints and mirror is a must request, these are the specifications of the corresponding parameters, wash wall lamp, the choose and buy is an important standard.

at the above introduction, you will be able to understand what LED wash wall light, wash wall lamp when the choose and buy, not only pay attention to what is said above these parameters, but also to consider the wash wall lamp structure as well as its quality, it is more important on the one hand is to look at the wash wall lamp life how, as a result of the chosen is LED light source, so the average life spans are long, but also can save a lot of power, which was built many choose this way to wash the wall lamp is the primary reason!

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