What kind of construction need high power LED wash wall light

by:Sehon     2020-11-05

high power LED wash wall lamp is a very important thing in the rope, the landmark building, shopping mall, traveling scenic area, the street traffic lights brighten more local. For convenience in go out to the evening, meet roadmap, high power LED wash wall lamp used in some hotels, office buildings, building.

in detail from the following points to clarify the high power LED wash wall lamp designs city-lighting project construction's function:

( 1) Clear the city. Sun city generalization is built on its marginal form, color and shadow to conclude that built, the more outstanding city, combined with the surrounding environment more closely, city summarized the more difficult it is to know; And the night under the designs city-lighting which outline city summarize clearly, significant differences in the surrounding area, while overlooking the city from the middle of the night, summarized line complete and clear, intuitive showing the shape, planning of the city.

( 2) Outstanding urban structure. To identify the urban structure, in addition to the topographical features, first lies in to urban road and different areas of the building of collective identification. City reflects the sunlight is its all information of each component of urban structure hidden in the meantime, difficult to determine. And the night, belonging to the part of the city central Africa must fuses in together, become black & other; Bottom & throughout; Part, lighting engineering construction emphasizes the part of the city first, essence, become a bright & other Figure & throughout; Parts, highlighted the city structure and is easy to recognize, both position sense and have administrative levels feeling and stereo feeling.

( 3) Outstanding city line. In the city of the evening, there are rules put lamps will journey adorn article into the light in the city staggered, primary and secondary clear, street lights make the structure clear legibility of the way.

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