What LED lights cup material

by:Sehon     2020-11-02

led lights cup is concentrated light source, energy saving, low temperature, long life, color rich, such as characteristics, can replace the traditional halogen lamp, have often been device in household, hotel, shopping mall, exhibition hall, bars and other places. Compared with the light bulb, led lamp cup devices on the specific areas of lighting the light more focused, lighting effect is better. Is a popular light source products.

at present, the raw materials are led lamp cup, plastic package aluminum, aluminum, aluminum, glass, ceramics and other kinds of raw materials.

different raw material, its advantages and disadvantages of each are not identical. About the lamps and lanterns, the data of heat dissipation function is particularly important. The merits of the heat dissipation function directly affects the function of the lamp bead, which affect the measure of lamps and lanterns. Heat dissipation function is, of course, the best data of copper, aluminum, iron and other metal materials, good thermal conductivity and durability. Especially aluminum, its texture is light, the function of thermal conductivity is good, but the price is higher. Thus, when choosing led lights cup give priority to choose metal raw material of products.

followed by the plastic, the plastic material has good insulation and heat dissipation, and the price cheap, but its poor thermal conductivity. More products on the market at present, however, the application of plastic package aluminum technology is more sophisticated. Plastic package aluminum fully considered and combined with the advantages of plastic and aluminum, the product outer selects high thermal conductive plastic, use aluminum inner, manifests the good cost performance, the price is low. Therefore, on the premise of metal raw material price is higher, aluminum plastic package products is also a good choose.

the glass and the thermal conductivity of the ceramic material is general, but the durability of lamps and lanterns is poorer, likely because of the high temperature of lamps and lanterns to cause the lamp body blasting, it is a problem that needs attention.

therefore, when choosing led lamp cup, we should take a closer look at, to compare the different parameters, the function of the lamps and lanterns and raw materials and so on various aspects of the problem, choose the more cost-effective quality products.

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