What type LED bulbs

by:Sehon     2020-09-26

LED filament bulb in three broad categories, spherical and pointed, lamp cup type. The spherical:

1. Single light, the lower plastic shell or aluminum shell ( Some spherical arc small, looks like an inverted trapezoidal) ;

2。 The top ring + light, commonly known as the corn, because the appearance of yellow spot structure named would like corn;

3。 Trigeminal modelling, also be corn bubble luminescence method, but more scientific than corn bubble structure, so now more popular;

light cup type: basic are old products, to shoot the light cup is the same, many restrictions, so I already close to the screen;


1. Single light ( As spherical, is pointed + lens) ;

2。 Trigeminal modelling ( Same as above) ;

3。 Chromium plating on three sides, this is very advanced, luminous power also is pretty good, but not at the top of the markers;

4。 Candle type, it is pointed bubble to add a tail, with pointed bubble is the same.

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