When LED lights can spread in China

by:Sehon     2020-10-10

recently held in the National Development and Reform Commission of China has made it clear to phase out incandescent light bulb roadmap news conference, October 1, 2016 ban on the import and sale more than 15 watts and general lighting incandescent lamp. Incandescent lamp knocked out, but the biggest competitors, energy-saving lamps, leds may also benefit, free market space, which will have to see which is more competitive.

the industry generally believe that cost reduction is the key to open the general lighting, LED energy-saving lamps cost payback period is less than 2 ~ 3 years is the breaking point of lighting market. Leds costs plunged the main method has the following six:

means one: enhance luminous efficiency, lower power needed to actual

means 2: chip costs down

means 3: the industrialization of silicon-based epitaxial

means four: encapsulation scale and technology innovation

means five: the whole industrial chain compressed margins

means six: state subsidies or tax cuts

predicts that by 2015 the LED chip cost from the current $20 / KLM fell to $3 / KLM, lamps and lanterns costs down to $15 / KLM, at the end of 2012, cold white LED lamp cost payback period is less than 3 years, at the end of 2013, warm white LED lamp cost payback period is less than 3 years.

on the market at present only a handful of undertaking LED luminous characters, LED advertising signs and some lighting decoration engineering, such as less see specializing in LED indoor lighting products shop, although some brands such as attendance on photoelectric enterprise has indeed been listed some general LED lighting products, however, are expensive to LED promotion. Leds are now used for household LED bulb light, LED fluorescent lamp, LED lamp/tube light, LED ceiling lamp, LED candle light, etc. Such as the ball bubble lamp mainly 3 w, 5 w, 7 w model, such as we have learned, better quality on the market at present a single 5 w energy-saving lamp, its price is close to one hundred yuan, and some of the big brands the price of energy-saving lamp is about 20 yuan, both differ a few times. Many residents said the choose and buy energy efficient light bulbs know LED lamp is very good, but will have to wait until the price has dropped below 50 yuan to buy, now don't buy. But many lamps in the supermarket with longer time, 24-hour stores shop, factory, etc. , because the power saving effect is remarkable, less than two years to recover the money, so pay close attention to, there is some doubt, is also the quality of the LED's inner, in a wait state.

in many industry observers point of view, the price is not fundamental barrier, at present the biggest obstacle to LED products is inferior products flooding the market LED to the crisis of confidence. Not market demand, the main reason, is his own doing market is dead, many of the industrial and commercial unit to come to consult a lot of, also want to install the LED lighting products a lot, because they is limited by voltage indicators, such as the red flag chain units have contract energy management ( EMC) Way to install LED lights. Now LED lights factory is usually to sell LED lighting products to wholesalers, by lighting engineering, to end customer they do wholesalers to provide overall solutions of LED lighting products, not only should responsible for the installation, still need to responsible for subsequent replacement and repair, there will be market. Now the biggest problem is too much bad products on the market. These products flooding the market, making the market is very chaotic, also lead consumers to lose faith in LED lights. In international procurement transaction centre found 5 watt bulb lamps sold to 30 yuan, the LED lamps and lanterns at least more than 50% of the energy saving efficiency and long life, in fact, this price for the bulb, but when a customer in practical use, found the legendary life of a decade of the new product, in just a few months when it broke, will the ceiling 'criticisms.

a responsible LED production enterprises must be standing in the sea and the cross flow, only have done best product quality and after-sales service, to create one hundred - year - old, science and technology enterprises.

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