Why can the plant factories in Japan?

by:Sehon     2020-11-09

we know the first what is the plant factory. Plant factory is through the crop years continuous production facilities in high precision environment control implement efficient agriculture system, is to use the computer to the plant family of temperature, humidity, light, CO2 concentration, and nutrient solution for automatic control, environmental conditions, such as protect facilities within the plant reproductive or rarely influenced by natural condition restriction of energy production.

at this stage of the global climate change, the number of extreme weather more frequent than in modern times, from 2011, 2012, in the northern hemisphere winter cold, in 2011 the clouds cover rate, rainfall intensity, the decrease of sunshine time is an unfavorable factor to the development of agriculture, plant lighting and plant factory into the policy-making concerning discuss way of another kind of remedy.

why plant factories can popular in Japan?

1。 The high cost of agricultural land.

2。 Summer high temperature, highlights, cheap environment control.

3。 Resources and related equipment more easily obtained, but also contribute to the development of the plant factory.

4。 Greenhouse in the inland waters tillage cultivation leaf vegetables has a certain market in Japan, to plant plant cultivation of vegetables, consumers can be fully accepted.

5。 Consumer demand for high quality vegetables, they would be willing to pay a premium for.

6。 Related power consumption equipment performance, especially the light and air conditioning equipment efficiency has been improved.

7。 The Japanese government vigorously propaganda and promotion, high percentage ( 50%) Subsidies and subsidies objects regardless of businesses or farmers.

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