Why do LED lights flashing

by:Sehon     2020-10-07

the LED driver inside there is a capacitor, can put the capacitance as a rechargeable battery capacity is very small, when capacitance through current, capacitance will continue charging & ndash; — A full charge in the future, capacitance can one-time can release all electrical energy storage.

LED lights shine, be on one condition: after capacitance charging process, the lamp is calm & ndash; — Due to internal capacitance current is lesser, charging speed is slow, so with the naked eye can see the light is calm. When the capacitance, one-time free electricity, will light up the light. But due to the storage of electricity is less, the light will soon be calm & ndash; — Repeated charge and discharge, the naked eye, is the shining light.

the lamp during normal use can't see the shine, because after a capacitance current is larger, charging speed.

so, what conditions will lead to current through the smaller capacitor inside? First, because the quality of the capacitance owe good & ndash; — Many excellent capacitance, storage battery, the line of small current enough to be within the capacitor energy storage. Starter as long as 20 yuan or so commonly, the high quality of capacitance capital will more than 20 yuan.

in addition to this, we can also from the tiny current source.

May 1. Switch control zero

switch manipulation of the zero line, represents the direct connect in the light, Capacitance) . On the front and has a high potential, if this moment lines in low potential, will constitute a potential difference & ndash; — Potential difference of another name, called the voltage. Just at the moment of potential difference compared with the 220 v, is much smaller. A voltage on both ends of capacitance, weak current occurs.

so, direct access to the light ahead, inevitably lead to the LED lamp to shine. It due to construction problem, in addition to change the direction of zero ahead, there is no other way.

May 2. Zero charged

lights, Capacitance) Line is zero potential zero at both ends, as everything is all right? It doesn't have to be!

the zero line is simple charged & ndash; — Especially the light of the zero line. Mainly because of the light switch is too far-fetched.

now the light switch, the quality of the internal structure is alarming. Too close to zero in front of the terminal distance, insulation is unqualified, etc. , has zero charged may cause electric lights.

don't believe it can be opened his home has good switch, electric pen measure & ndash; — In theory, when the switch is closed, as long as the front terminal can light up the pencil. But when the actual application, the zero line ( Light line) The terminal of nine times out of ten also can light up the pencil. But most of the switch, and even zero charged, with voltage is relatively low, not enough to happen current in a circuit. But if insulation came close again, the current slightly, will give capacitance charging.

one more thing: time with pilot light indication on the switch, turn off the light will light up when, at the moment in weak current demand & ndash; — Will this part of the current flowing through the capacitor and capacitor stored.

these conditions, replace the better quality, no light switch, you can handle.

May 3. Induction

if electric cables that surround the capacitance is more, the other wire at work, makes the capacitance adjacent occurred induction & ndash; — Sentence explain the occurrence of induction: two parallel conductors, constitutes a new capacitance.

most people face this kind of condition are helpless, at the moment of processing method has two:

1. Replacement lamp, fluorescent, or incandescent.

2。 On the LED starter, a 220 v relay coil in series. With induction coil consume line.

why do some LED lights off in the future is still dim? How to deal with?

now LED lights use very widely, such as low energy, high brightness, environmental advantages, such as speed replaces incandescent light bulbs and tubes. Why do some LED lights off in the future is still dim? Today let's analyze the reasons.

a, switch line is N zero, when the switch is off, the lamps and lanterns is still attached to the front, will be announced the weak light.

single control switch the correct wiring

deal: adjusting circuit, let the switch control ahead.

2, there are many kinds of double control wiring connection, a few unreasonable connection, may also cause electric lamps and lanterns of dim light in the future.

although also can normal control LED lights, but is not reasonable.

deal: adjust the line, to the correct wiring diagram 1.

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