Why do Rio Olympics LED display to projection

by:Sehon     2020-10-11

Beijing time on August 6, 7 in the morning, when the 31st summer Olympics opening ceremony the maracana stadium in Rio DE janeiro in Brazil. This is perhaps the most poor in recent 20 years the Olympic Games opening ceremony, but its for the relative economic depression but passion warm dynamic Brazil, to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games a relatively bright eye doesn't seem to be difficult. To watch the Olympic opening ceremony, give people the deepest impression is afraid is: projection, singing and dancing. 110 2 Wan Liuming projection to create visual show, pass the strong emotion in Brazil, show the passion of the Olympic Games. Compared to 2008, using a lot of LED display power of the games, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games held in Brazil, besides the LED manufacturing various stage effect, not many LED display, this had to cause the contemplation of the LED industry.

it is understood that the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games budget in Brazil only $21 million, less than half of the London Olympic Games, therefore, to get the reputation and past at least the opening ceremony of the flat is not easy. In many ways can choose thrift is frugal, costs relatively low display device, for Brazil, is really no choice. As such as projection technology is also in constant improvement in recent years, the use of more and more able to meet customer demand, and therefore in many occasions, seems no longer have to use LED display. As is known to all, LED display capital cost is higher, it is not small for Brazil's economy is relatively difficult burden; Second, although the LED display technology in constant ascension, but its hard to control still, in the process of using manpower cost could be increased; Finally, the LED display engineering construction is also more complex. Therefore, for less developed economies, and dare to use expensive and large display device.

the Brazil the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, except a large number of projection equipment, the use of virtual technology for its grace many, such as the opening ceremony of the present in front of the audience in the ground buildings jumping and running between groups of red clothes jumping, is to use visual virtual technology to build. Projection and the use of virtual technology, make whole Brazil the opening of the Olympic Games, colorful, which shows the effect for Brazil, also get twice the result with half the effort, not the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games less than past. This time the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games the wonderful show, also seems to be well corrected a lot of people think that on many occasions, must have LED display display error. LED display can be the icing on the cake for many large-scale activities, such as the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games held in Beijing in 2008, but along with the advance of all kinds of display technology, LED display also seems to be no longer belongs to the supreme status.

therefore, projection technology progress and the use of virtual technology is more and more hot, LED display industry should be a wake-up call? The author thinks that, first of all, the LED manufacturers should get rid of dependence on key projects to promote LED display; Secondly, in order to the long-term development of LED display, in the field of display more competitive, the industry should work together to fully consider the different levels of market demand, through the progress of technology and virtual new display technology, the combination of lower manufacturing costs, reducing the difficulty in operation, simplify the engineering construction, try your best to do it in the field of different economic levels, can afford screen, can good control panel, such ability are more likely to make LED display can not be replaced.

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