Why is your LED lamp is more and more dark

by:Sehon     2020-10-14

just bought LED lights, is always very bright, but after a period of time many will become more and more dark, why the LED lamps and lanterns can have such a process? Today let's find out!

to understand why the home LED light dimmer

we will have to know a professional term

LED light failure

LED light failure refers to the light LED over a period of time, the light intensity than the initial light intensity decreases, and cannot be recovered, that is, lower part is called the LED light failure.

/ droop curve /

although leds than incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp on the droop improvement, but also can't completely overcome light failure problem. Leds produce light failure there are two major factors.

( 1) LED product itself quality problem

& middot; Choose LED chip quality is bad, brightness decay rapidly.

压力; Shortcomings of production technology, the LED chip temperature is too high, the attenuation increase chip.

( 2) LED lamps and lanterns of the cooling function

& middot; Heat dissipation function better, LED working temperature is lower, the smaller the droop, LED full longer.

how to extend the LED use

knew the cause of droop, the extension to the LED lamps and lanterns of stature is right. Despite the droop is must, droop of intrusive we can control. Extension of the LED lamps and lanterns become old, yea, to minimize droop, should do the following:

choose good quality LED lamps and lanterns

first, we should try to choose quality and heat dissipation function better LED lamps and lanterns. In the process of use should also try to cut the work load of lamps and lanterns, delay the speed droop, talent extension of lamps and lanterns is full. Device


device indoor lamps and lanterns is extension of lamps and lanterns of correct use of the transient conditions

if the device is not correct, lamps and lanterns is very simple to fail, sometimes even burst, short circuit, fire is very dangerous. For example: the toilet lamp must be moistureproof class of lamps and lanterns, the lamp of the kitchen should pay special attention to prevent lampblack and water vapor.

prevent frequently open to turn off the lights

indoor lamps and lanterns is in use in the family should pay attention to, don't and off frequently, because of the lamps and lanterns at the instant of the frequent start, after a light source current is greater than the normal operation of current, the filament temperature rise sharply to speed up the sublimation, which will greatly reduce its use life.

timing to see

time to view the interior lamps and lanterns, especially the droplight. On the one hand, to see if there are any more aging line, on the other hand to see about the safety of droplight is hanging, droplight is hanging in the important position or people to more places, its safe stability should be first.

small make up to highlight last proposition: lamps and lanterns is about household security problems, not greedy cheap choose inferior products at one time. Quality assurance and perfect after-sales service, has many big selection of lamps and lanterns of longitudinal purchase mall is we choose.

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