Why LED project-light lamp of stroboscopic would happen

by:Sehon     2020-11-06

why can appear stroboscopic LED project-light lamp? Believe a lot of people have seen stroboscopic LED project-light lamp attack situation, even a new device of stroboscopic project-light lamp also have attack, so why exactly cast light stroboscopic light conditions? Stroboscopic actually refers to the size of the electric light source luminous flux, luminous flux, uncertain, the greater the stroboscopic is very obvious. Practice, LED lighting products of stroboscopic problem didn't get the real deal with constantly, below small make up to roughly analyze with everybody.

1。 Disturbed

if say careful people will find that the LED project-light lamp in invisible strength interference by some unknown time stroboscopic problem will attack. This time is just remove of unknown contact interference strength, project-light lamp stroboscopic problems will die. Details of the unknown contact strength has a lot of kinds, for instance infrared, ultraviolet, and so on.

2。 Voltage instability

project-light lamp is relying on the power supply of electricity to stop working, if the voltage is not stable, then cast light stroboscopic lamp will condition. And long-term voltage instability is easy to cause project-light lamp use shortened lifespan, so it must be regularly when using project-light lamp can check project-light lamp voltage stability.

3。 Small current

project-light lamp stroboscopic one is below 100 hz frequency change, such a stroboscopic can be captured by people's eyes. And another stroboscopic is changing the frequency above 100 hz, the stroboscopic won't be seen. Cast light on the traditional lamp is due to the use of alternating current power supply, so its brightness will also change as the cycles of the alternating current (ac) attack, this is the strobe.

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