Zebra crossing with leds will help reduce the number of traffic accidents

by:Sehon     2020-10-02

it is reported that a British designer studio offering a safer for pedestrians crossing the road design: install a LED lamp line to each side of the zebra crossing, light line can be induced to pedestrians crossing the street and turn red, remind the motor vehicle parking waiting.

the flashing status and ordinary orange lamp line, turn red when pedestrians to set foot on a zebra crossing, pedestrian after leaving the zebra crossing recovery normal state.

the daily mail quoted UK traffic casualties latest statistics reported that the average daily about 20 of traffic accidents involving pedestrians crossing the road. Traffic safety experts believe that by adding LED lights on in the zebra crossing line help reduce accidents, especially in the line of sight under the condition of poor night or fog.

to participate in the design of alex & middot; Burns said, LED lamp line also helps protect watch phone distracted when crossing the street.

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