A common cause of LED wash wall light damage

by:Sehon     2020-11-06

LED wash wall lamp below what circumstance easy damage?

1, owe good quality LED wash wall lamp, often attack more trouble, so when buying, should look for the brand manufacturers purchase with quality guarantee.

2, not according to the product using correct use of LED wash wall light, easy to appear problem, there are risks.

3, when using too much electricity beyond the rated current of the LED wash wall lamp, can form the LED drive power supply in yuan equipment fire risk, etc.

4, LED wash wall lamp & other; Water mist & throughout; Problems, pointed the candle light, bulb lamp, project-light lamp, etc on the inner wall of the light after a period of time cover, water droplets, the phenomenon of water mist.

wash wall lamp work in a certain quantity of heat, can occur in a different material coefficient of thermal expansion, after long-term use would occur in the joint of different information gap and the inlet; When used in the humidity larger environment, the chimney internal and external temperature is different, chimney internal heated air grasp chimney encounter cold, if the gas contains more water vapor, water spray and drip phenomenon occurs, continue to light after a period of time, this phenomenon will disappear. Therefore, humid environment is also affect the LED wash wall lamp life elements.

LED wash wall light when the choose and buy needs pay attention to the following:

1, requirements, pay attention to the collocation of color harmony;

2, prevent glare, eliminate eye fatigue;

3, reasonable to spread the light source brightness: ceiling light bright, make the person feels more space, ceiling light is dim, make the person feel the space is narrow, depressive;

4, in the lights shine direction and the choice of the strength of the light should be appropriate;

5, lights mounted to the ceiling height, conforms to the environment. General between 50 ~ 150 lux);

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