Adjustable led bulb light

by:Sehon     2020-11-02

1, see if you buy Led bulbs to recuperate, adjustable light is can pick to regulate lighting levels of light and shade, it is on the power supply to add a slide rheostat; Do not move light is not equipped with slide rheostat, hope useful for you.

2, led bulbs dimmer

the reason why the launch of the white light led light source can be formed mainly consisted of 450 ~ 455 nm wavelength of the blue light stimulate phosphor powder, including lower wavelength firing ability are more strong. General LED lighting factory within a 500 - nm wavelength control, generally is 450 ~ 455 nm or 455 ~ 460 nm, were the strongest radiation damage extents. If the wavelength change, stimulate phosphor ability to drop, luminous efficiency will be lower. Manufacturers in order to pursue the brightness, would strengthen the blue LED light source intensity, the eye if long time to see such a light source, unavoidably eyes are blue light damage.

other, and one more thing, the LED lighting the longer the time, the faster the light source of the phosphor decay, results will lead to the human eye touch the blue wavelengths of light to become more competitive, and cause eye injury. Eyes so long time to see the LED light source, easy to make people dizzy, uncomfortable feeling, even can cause damage to eyes, make the risk of eye diseases will be improved.

3, LED lights can adjust light?

of course.

however, different LED lights, dimmer way is not the same.

, for example, single chip microcomputer control the LED brightness, using PWM technology.

LED display can show different color,

use also is the PWM dimming of three color leds.

as for building household LED lights, you can also use the dimmer of the two methods.

one is to adjust the resistance capacity current limiting circuit of capacitance;

second use for the current conduction Angle of thyristor control method.

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