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by:Sehon     2020-10-22

in order to environmental protection and energy saving province electricity, more and more people start to use the LED light bulb, but by product what to choose? Small make up put forward seven words formula & other; First-class double color good save electricity & throughout; So that you can easily to fit in a brief to choose the suitable light bulbs.

u formula apart: & other; Top & throughout;

here & other; Flow & throughout; Refers to the & other; Lumen & throughout; , we said before, the brightness of the LED bulbs, is & other; Lumen & throughout; Show that luminous flux ( Power) Unit, the bigger the lumens Numbers, the brighter the visual sense, customers can choose according to use of space and light bulb brightness.

u formula apart: & other; Double color & throughout;

  “ Double color & throughout; Refers to the & other; Color temperature & throughout; And & other Color & throughout; ; Meanwhile, & other; Color temperature & throughout; Refers to the temperature of the light a lamp different color features, color temperature is low, the visual effect of partial red yellow, high color temperature, composition of blu-ray, the more visual slant blue and white color.

low colour temperature can give a person a warm feeling, high colour temperature is bright, work institute shows that the color temperature is concave and convex there is no sure answer, according to the customers use the situation to choose different color temperature light bulb.

  “ Color & throughout; Refers to the color of the recovery, in 100, for extreme value, the higher the value the more show that flash of colour, in general, color rendering index above 75, to correct the color of the object. General business and exhibition space, can use different lights in the choice of color, visual perception and object changes.

u formula apart: & other; Good save electricity & throughout;

save electricity function basically is to see & other; The luminous power & throughout; ,“ The luminous power & throughout; On behalf of the light source to convert the amount of electrical energy to light power, the higher the luminous power, on behalf of the electrical energy is converted into light power, the more beautiful, announced the same luminous flux, the less the amount of electrical energy, also suggests that the more save electricity.

final demand, the greater the number of lumens is not better, should be based on the space area, choose lamp number amount, uniform light source will be; Other, heat dissipation of LED lights is quite important, good LED bulbs should be cooling fins, large wide-angle view lighting is to choose one of the main points of the LED bulbs.

LED bulb & other; Quality & throughout; Determine there is a lot of tricks, there are too many customers cannot distinguish is the key to hide the details of the, therefore, trustworthy & other; Brand & throughout; At this stage to choose one of the important principles of LED products.

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