Collaborative innovation mechanism, guangdong LED industry to realize 'two breakthrough'

by:Sehon     2020-10-22

, according to li xh director of guangdong province department of semiconductor lighting ( 领导) Industry is & other; Five-year & throughout; Guangdong province key support during the development of a strategic emerging industries. LED industry development is facing two problems, one is the core technology and key equipment, the second is the marketing application is difficult.

guangdong exploring a variety of innovative elements closely contact and coordinate the mutual cooperation between collaborative innovation mechanism, the semiconductor lighting ( 领导) Industry core technology research and market to demonstrate the application implementation & other; Two breakthrough & throughout; 。 LED industry in guangdong province in 2011 reached 150 billion yuan, output and scale to ranking first in the country.

LED is a multidisciplinary cross frontier technology, involves the lighting, mechanical equipment, electronic information industry, etc. In August 2011, led by the science of guangdong province 21 scientific research institutions and leading enterprises jointly set up & other; Guangdong semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center & throughout; 。 In the center, industry chain upstream and downstream or technical complementary businesses, universities and research institutions, such as a batch of LED core key technology. At present, guangdong LED patent applications in the field of total 9121 pieces, LED authorized patents to 1270, both are the first in the country. The cooperative innovation of open cooperation, to speed up the pace of the LED industry independent innovation.

is the emerging green LED lighting technology, LED industry at present the product price is higher, the recognition problem such as low resistance is bigger, the original interests chain. To this end, guangdong set up system of joint conference for the province, the relevant departments jointly organize the implementation & other; Thousands of thousands & throughout; High power LED street light industrialization demonstration project and the green lighting demonstration city of special operation. Wide ( State) ( Chang) ,,, ROM. ) Deep ( Curriculum) Such as LED lighting demonstration project construction has launched new highway, the province to install the LED street light more than 260000 lamps, demonstration section of more than 2500 kilometers, scale and progress among the top.

it is understood that from universities, research institutes, LED enterprises and industry association experts, have drawn together for the LED industry technology roadmap in guangdong province, the government and industry more clearly grasp the mainstream products of LED industry, industrial targets and core technology research and development direction, make out university-industry cooperation, scientific and technological innovation and more targeted and efficient.

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