Economic cold snap will hinder the development of LED industry

by:Sehon     2020-10-09

the economy to the brink of recession, Japan's economy recovered, the debt crisis that one word is a microcosm of the world economy today. Economic cold current is coming? One after another has LED lighting business failures. Industry reshuffle phenomena of nature are or economic cold disaster?

a: economic cold will only gave rise to the development of energy industry

one of the deep contradiction in China's economic structure is unreasonable energy structure, also is the fundamental cause of the economic cold snap. Energy structure is reasonable, a direct impact on the society as a whole in the global economic development. When we face each economic indicator setbacks, we need to consider more is how to adjust the energy structure, improve the condition of current energy constraints.

as a big developing country, China is also one of the highest carbon, in various international meetings, again and again asked with the developed countries to undertake the obligations of quantitative reduction, and subject to strict international inspections.

however, as a developing country, based on the demand of the development, the development of Chinese early walk is extensive economic path. Low efficiency, big pollution, less income, the cost of development is a serious environmental pollution.

energy conservation and emissions reduction becomes imperative in our country, so in this sense, economic cold snap will only expedites the development of energy industry. At present, the world is eager to have a kind of new energy can realize win-win situation of economic development and environmental protection, LED lighting as the pronoun of energy-saving products, one of the birth of it is timely.

2: country and government's full support for the LED industry

China's LED industry development up to now, state and local governments at various levels of this sunrise industry support is quite big, come & other; Eliminate incandescent roadmap & throughout; ; Launch & other; Ten city wan light & throughout; Semiconductor lighting application demonstration cities; In the land, tax, technological development, talent introduction, equipment purchase, and many other aspects of the LED industry slashed the preferential policy, etc. ,

the industry, according to people familiar with the LED lighting market terminal will be formally entered the stage of national policy force, are expected to enter the rapid growth. Beginning in 2012 China will gradually banned incandescent lamp, 3 - in the future 5 years, state subsidies for the LED industry is about 80 - 10 billion yuan, the terminal price subsidy rate is expected to be 30% Total could be as high as 160-50%, subsidies 20 billion yuan.

under the call of the global environmental protection, China has identified 2016 eliminated incandescent lamp, and for alternatives to choose after elimination, relative to LED lighting energy-saving lamps have the great advantage. Small volume, low power consumption, 1/10 of the energy consumption for incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp of a quarter) , long life, Up to 100000 hours) , avirulent environmental protection, and many other advantages, which makes the government priorities in decision-making to promote LED lighting lamps and lanterns. The government's policies on LED lighting subsidies and support, China the determination of the popularization of LED lighting.

3: a steady LED industry reshuffle and integration

the arrival of the economic cold snap on the influence of the LED lighting is also inevitable, but the impact is not do more harm than good to the whole industry, come a bit.

due to the LED lighting lamps and lanterns industry barriers to entry is low, not high technical requirements, and even no specification, mostly small, small workshops. And some companies only hype & other; Energy saving & throughout; With the idea, but can't truly energy-saving. At the expense of the quality, the lower the price to compete. This LED to the LED lighting market disorder, and difficult to manage.

under the influence of the economic cold snap. Some do not have the core competitiveness, the management chaotic enterprise, unable to insist, in the impact of gradually withdrew from the stage. And many companies also began to think about their own market positioning and product adjustment. It can be said that the cold snap in some extent accelerates the LED lighting industry reshuffle and integration.

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