Europe and the United States intends to improve the LED lighting standards

by:Sehon     2020-10-21

this month, the European Union directional lights and LED lights for export product requires efficient, only energy efficiency index reaches 0. More than 2 LED lights and directional fluorescent light to enter the eu market, efficiency improved 2 than before. 5 times. Have agency predicted, guangdong area LED exporters will therefore increase the cost of production of about 4 billion yuan.

the long-term lack of the standard, the LED industry in guangdong and even the whole country continued low-cost low-quality route. In the wave of the world's emerging industries wave, low-cost low-quality products will survive a few years. This is the result of the reality of the market, but also the domestic LED industry transformation and upgrading to break through the problem.

obviously, in this era of standardization, who first make the rules of the industry, who is sure to dominate the market, and lead the whole market realize qualitative breakthrough. Understand the way of industrial upgrading of guangdong, apparently already aware of this.

in the past more than a month, guangdong successively introduced in view of the LED industry standardization measures:

this month, the industry watches the catalog of LED bar system recommended products in guangdong province, finally heat released in anticipation. Directory recommended product is valid for one year to the product benchmarking system evaluation score report issue date. It is worth mentioning that unlike previous standards, technical specifications, etc. , & other; Dynamic development & throughout; Is an important characteristic of benchmarking system, the benchmark index, overall framework, implementation process, the benchmark values are as technology advances and regular adjustment, progressive and dynamic evaluation results, more relevant practical technology rapidly developing strategic emerging industries.

in this directory, on the basis of guangdong also proposed the LED lighting industry standardization public platform. The platform will be mainly completes the prospective study of LED lighting technology, focus on research of a batch of key generic technology, and will form the process, methods and testing standards within the alliance first try first, thus promote LED lighting industry rapid development in guangdong.

a variety of standardized measures, marks in LED lighting industry standardization system construction, from the overall acceleration phase into focus research on crucial stage. This is the feats of the industry, but also the feat of guangdong. In the tide of industrial upgrading, we are glad to see a rare regional economies have such determination. We should also look forward to, it will be for the domestic LED industry create a new era of standardization.

surveying of land science and technology has prepared to deal with standardized system measures, are you ready?

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