Guangdong increase LED lighting support, LED street light the most benefit

by:Sehon     2020-10-23

in recent years, the support of a pair of LED lighting industry in guangdong province has never stopped, as early as August 2011, for example, in guangdong province issued 'on the implementation of the deployment of the State Council's opinions on speed up the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries. In & other; Five-year & throughout; Period, the guangdong province issued a 'strategic emerging industry special funds for the LED industry project notice, the arrangement of 4. 500 million yuan of key support the development of LED industry, LED lighting demonstration project scope of both outdoor and indoor illumination.

in street lamp, for example: so far, the province to install LED lights for more than 260000 lamps, demonstration section of more than 2500 kilometers, the driving effects through the demonstration project of guangdong province, the application of LED lighting scale and promote progress are among the top.

but than in previous years, this year the government will increase support for the LED lighting industry in guangdong province. On February 20th, held in zhongshan city, guangdong province, LED indoor lighting product benchmarking system stable cross and training meeting, guangdong province, deputy director of the department of development planning place YunDan told for the first time on behalf of the enterprise, at the end of the month, Refers to the February 29) At the meeting, vice governor and sign responsibility of municipalities, the pearl river delta region of guangdong province within two years within three years, popularization of LED lighting in public areas. Among them, the new city construction and new district shall adopt LED lighting, every financial investment of construction project, must use the LED light source.

after the news is now unrest LED a huge enterprise of guangdong province, especially the LED street lamp enterprises, according to

according to an insider quoted by the competent department of science and technology of guangdong province, since 2012, guangdong support for LED lighting & other than ever before. Much bigger & throughout; , on the basis of original increase each year over the next three years spent more than one hundred million yuan, which involve the application of 2 million LED street lamp.

but as scheduled for February 29th at 3 PM officials held for the entire province LED lighting in guangdong province, guangdong province & other; Support LED lighting & throughout; Work conference was not held, the meeting, the main reasons for the delay in the industry are estimated is received national & other; The two sessions & throughout; The influence of was postponed until what time? Don't have a specific file.

although the meeting is put off. But from all aspects, guangdong to the support of LED lighting is complete, the companies can be at ease.

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