Guangdong LED enterprises will appear too the size of the tide weak stay strong

by:Sehon     2020-10-27

this year because of a few years the rapid development of LED industry, together with the guangdong government aggressively support, everybody wants to share in the field of LED, this makes many LED manufacturers. Foshan alone has more than 300 LED companies. But most of these LED enterprises are engaged in LED application in this field. This will lead to imbalances between LED industry fields, presents the upstream area is weak, the downstream application ease the situation.

in the field of upstream epitaxial wafer and chip, because of the lack of core technology, a great breakthrough in the short term it is difficult to obtain. At present in the LED industry, upstream of the sapphire substrate most serious excess capacity; Middle packaging industry relative excess capacity, because the ability to resist risk of the worst, the personage inside course of study is expected to the end of the year will have nearly 10% of the enterprise to be eliminated; The overall performance of the best and downstream LED applications. This concept from guangdong LED also can peep out of a listed company's share price performance.

on May 1 last year, the national lighting electrical standardization technical committee establish standards began five leds. The personage inside course of study, according to national standard, the cost of each product will be increased by $8 ~ 10 yuan, and the profits of some products on the market for only 3 yuan or less. This also means that if the standards are implemented strictly, there will be a lot of LED enterprises to be eliminated.

new light source can replace the incandescent lamp, LED development prospect is broad. But as the market competition mechanism to work, those who have not the enterprise strength and market positioning of mill will be eliminated.

at present, the LED lighting industry has facing enterprises, small scale, insufficient technical innovation ability, most enterprises focus on the low-end, low level repeated market competition and so on. The price is too high still is LED in the process of popularization & other; Stand in the way & throughout; 。 Technology upgrades, costs have fallen sharply, product constantly improve the permeability will be LED industry for the future development of choice.

the industry reshuffle is a new industry must go through the process, in the tide of reshuffle, how can enterprise survive? This is a problem that every enterprise must consider, now constantly research and development, expand the enterprise to continuously develop, the price is the small workshops of enterprises will be eliminated, the LED industry need to rectify, LED industry tomorrow after consolidation.

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