Guangdong LED lamps and lanterns packaging standard alliance be forthcoming

by:Sehon     2020-10-27

in the March 13, foshan has released the first LED lamps and lanterns product packaging federation standard, the standard release marks the foshan corrective determination of LED industry, this standard will be on the way of the domestic industry standardization play a positive role.

in the municipal standards issued soon, by the standard technology research institute and other units, foshan city, guangdong province jointly formulate and publish the first LED packaging federation standard, now apply for the provincial standard. Once the application is successful, the province's LED lighting products is expected to implement unified packaging, currently on the market of LED lamps and lanterns packaging confusion or will greatly improve.

as foshan lighting association unit of k European lighting company, released the first version of foshan alliance LED packaging. Reporter saw, in the packaging samples on a few parameters, in addition to the product name and model number, the name of the company, power rating, and the color temperature, color rendering, luminous flux, such as photoelectric parameters, as well as product quality, warranty, etc. According to foshan lighting association wu yulin, identification of Europe and the United States LED packaging, mainly focusing on the safety parameters, and leds packaging in our country, the most traditional lamps and lanterns of packaging, no prominent characteristic of LED lights. The launch of the new packaging, leds annotation is mainly focused on the LED lamp performance index. Because the present domestic LED lights has tend to mature, the quality of the performance, so it is necessary to let consumers understand the advantages and features.

launch such packaging, but it is not difficult problem, but courage. On the one hand is to let consumers have more right to know, on the other hand is the enterprise's commitment to customers. The league standards is not mandatory, shown on the packaging parameters subject to supervision of the market, for the enterprise itself is a kind of new challenges.

with the LED lamps and lanterns product identification, formulation and the popularity of nationwide, as with the consent of the common use this product on the market after the product identification, now on the market of the inferior quality of the products will be eliminated, consumers are more likely to choose his/her needs, rest assured products. Believe that the quality of the packaging industry standard LED lamps and lanterns is leading the LED lighting industry to victory.

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