Guangdong province is expected to become the most competitive global LED lighting

by:Sehon     2020-10-01

guangdong xu-liang li, chairman of the LED lighting industry alliance, said the LED lighting industry will become one of the major highlights the guangdong economic growth, the importance of LED lighting industry to promote economic development in guangdong is not only reflected in terms of drive GDP growth, can also help to foster strategic emerging industries in guangdong province, the guangdong province to become the world's most competitive LED lighting of the province. To cultivate the local leading enterprises in guangdong, implementing strategy of energy conservation and emissions reduction targets is of great significance.

China construction science research institute, vice President of the institute of building environment and energy saving zhao jianping believe that guangdong to promote LED lighting industry pattern and experience is worth reference. Vice director of China lighting, lighting academy director of Shanghai ZhangHaiCong said, LED lighting technology has developed rapidly, the market for LED lighting all sorts of questions about technical problems can actually finished, for now, the technology is mature, the technology can achieve widespread use requirement, actually, of course, the premise is must be made according to standard of high quality LED lights.

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