In August of this year LED lighting will start the demand explosive

by:Sehon     2020-11-05

, managing director of Taiwan lighting academy langer yesterday ( 22) Day, points out that today, 2013). In August, LED lighting light hot than up to 60 than 40, 180 lumens per watt product market mature, will start the LED lighting power demand, industry competition winning key will depend on the packaging, design, and Taiwan LED grain, encapsulation ability is superior to the factory, lu cross-strait cooperation to develop market opportunities.

langer yesterday with Taiwan university professor status was invited to the LED lighting alliance members temporary conference speech, he pointed out that the fourth quarter of last year, crystal electric, ladies are offering ratio, luminous flux, luminous efficiency of field & hellip; High quality LED grain, forecast to use about half a year to test market, about to mature in August this year, will have the ability to launch the LED lighting products, the price consumer satisfaction. He also stressed that even if the crystal electric, ladies will meet Cree, Lumleds, day of competition, such as demand tipping point out, however, have the product of 200 ~ 250 lumens / $1 can benefit from supplier.

langer has further pointed out that China development and reform commission is actively establish standard of LED components, lighting light component specifications, guangdong is expected on January 25, at a standard LED lighting light component specifications conference, will propose 21 item specification, the LED lighting standard indicators, has been leading Taiwan LED lighting, and have the market, but manufacturers have technology, Taiwan still have send conditions.

he stressed that the grain size of Taiwan technology in place, and assembly house in Taiwan have the ability to mature COB and stability than the land plant is high, moreover is pursued the Japanese and the launch of the SMC technology, so the second half of this year LED lighting requirements, as long as the Taiwan factory master encapsulation ability, design, and on the mainland of the existing standard market, highly followed LED lighting off profit condition.

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