Incandescent lamp delisting, LED lights do to occupy the market

by:Sehon     2020-10-30

as time goes by and soon came to 2012 in April, in less than six months after the incandescent light bulb will begin to history's stage. So 1. 3 billion incandescent lamp market share, who will replace it? Fluorescent lamp? LED lights?

although the LED lighting available soon, but it is energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, and many other advantages than fluorescent winning many, so, the LED will replace incandescent market share? It's not certain, the LED lamp of the lighting revolution would be a long and arduous process.

in lighting market now, due to the good prospect of LED lighting, numerous manufacturers, make the interior of the LED lighting & other Killing & throughout; Already. This LED to the present stage LED market chaotic situation, make consumer confidence in the LED lighting products, in fact as long as carefully analyze the current capacity and the size of the lighting market, LED lighting doesn't need to fight the so-called competition between businesses, and market competition of the real level should be embodied in the LED lighting and traditional fluorescent lamp.

if incandescent lamp out of the stage, LED lighting product's main rival is not between the manufacturer and the manufacturer of the product competition, but competition between traditional fluorescent lamp. Imagine fluorescent wallow in the market for so many years, will be replaced by LED lights so easily? At this stage, the boss name is the concept of traditional, who buy cheap, whoever affordable to buy. So the LED can only control the cost price, the LED lighting products close to fluorescent product price, to make the LED lighting is more competitive, more dominant in the struggle is fluorescent lamp.

so, incandescent lamp is now retreat city, who is the biggest winner is an unknown, but the LED is active, and fluorescent lamps is passive. As long as the industry standards in LED lighting, good product quality specification, set up the consumer confidence in the LED lamps and lanterns. And as far as possible to reduce the product cost, make the price more easily accepted by consumers, thus, believe that LED lighting will get victory in the revolution.

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