Maintenance of LED project-light lamp which steps

by:Sehon     2020-09-30

to maintain what steps LED project-light lamp? In daily use project-light lamp, hard to avoid the dust will pile up. Thick dust not only affects the glowing effect, and can severely affect the light heat dissipation effect. Control the following daily maintenance steps LED project-light lamp, can effectively extend the life of the project-light lamp use.

1, routine inspection, lamps and lanterns is our body, for instance, every year or every once in a while will go to a hospital checking your body, even if our body is very good will buy himself a reassuring, our LED project-light lamp is the same, in the process of daily maintenance if discover the problem what kind of lamps and lanterns, can timely return to factory maintenance.

2, long-term & other; Comb & wind rain throughout; Of the LED light will meet storm, if you have found that the Angle of the light present bias, should timely adjust the Angle of reflected light is suitable.

3, in the daily routine inspection found that the appearance of lamps and lanterns glass cracks, should immediately to get off the lamps and lanterns and send it back to the original factory maintenance, so as not to hurt the innocent. But in the process of operation need shut down all power supply.

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