Manufacturer of led bulbs led energy-saving advantages

by:Sehon     2020-10-29

manufacturer of led bulbs led energy-saving, environmental protection, long life, high brightness, high temperature stability, led to take up small volume, planners can change pattern of lamps and lanterns, light high purity without chimney filter, fast response, no warm start.

so how can we determine good or bad? Passive cooling, it is necessary to temperature reaches to a certain extent, depend on the natural convection of air, through the metal shoe as natural heat into the air.

strengths has three big led, led lights manufacturers to inform you, low planning requirements, making capital is low, low price.

drawback: because the metal crawler is longer, if the space is not enough, scattered tropical to scatter, and then affect the heat dissipation effect, general installation may have to make hole processing.

the fan just light up when the active heat, light, electric fan start work at the same time.

advantages: with a fan led headlight compact structure, the bottom is short, can install models more, do not need to punch, does not destroy the original car structure.

disadvantages: high requirement to the planning, capital is high, so the market general fan heat dissipation structure are generally higher than price of scattered tropical. Electric fan is damaged, the led lamp bead will not be able to normal operation.

good led lights. Four years ago, I have put my house all energy-saving lamps all change form led lights, effect is very good, is very short, not too expensive. Its advantage is:

led Lantern Festival can obviously. I also is the new lamp 15 w led lights and 15 w energy-saving lamps through comparison, the brightness of the led lamp is very much higher. This shows that under the same brightness, the led energy-saving effect is very obvious.

led lamp, long service life. Energy-saving lamps with a period of time the filament is slowly turning black, light failure gradually increased, life in general is 2 ~ 3 years. And there is light for led lamp although failure, but not very clearly, I had a few leds has use for 10 years, now also in normal use.

led lights low fault rate. Leds if reasonable planning, lights, and drive the constant current source quality no problem, rarely go wrong, even if a single lamp bead is broken, can replace. But some energy-saving lamps can only be a one-off.

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