Multiple positive agglomeration LED the market or are expected to turn this year

by:Sehon     2020-09-28

on March 6, the LED plate in 4. 32%, represented by LED the concept of science and technology has become the leading concept of plate rise in the market leader. LED plate for large net inflows of 2. 3. 3 billion yuan, including three Ann photoelectric, sunlight, lighting, tongfang co, bdo embellish da, silan, lehman photoelectric 6 lighting.

the recent multiple positive agglomeration concept in LED, in the related policy under the guidance of, this year is expected to be LED concept with twist significance for one year.

in the first place, the National Development and Reform Commission recently announced 'semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry planning', the recent China LED lighting energy saving industry development guidance. According to the plan, by 2015, more than 60 w general lighting incandescent lamp will be eliminated entirely, energy-saving lamps and other traditional efficient lighting products market share and stable at around 70%.

second, China gradually reduce fluorescent mercury content roadmap has been officially released. 'Road map' put forward by the end of 2014, will strive to fully eliminate liquid mercury production process goal. The personage inside course of study thinks, the backward production capacity to be eliminated, leading enterprises with advanced production capacity, will have more development space. At the same time by the end of 2013, strive for the elimination of compact fluorescent liquid mercury production process; By the end of 2014, strive to fully eliminate liquid mercury production process.

in 2011, fluorescent lamp production in our country about 7 billion, accounting for more than 80% of global production. Among them, the compact fluorescent lamps production around 4. 7 billion, 2. 8 billion export; Other types of fluorescent lamp production around 2. 3 billion, export 7. 700 million only. According to the published in 2008 in China industry standard 'in the poisonous and harmful material set limit to lighting electrical products requirements, compact fluorescent lamps mercury content up to 5 mg, ZhiGuanXing fluorescent mercury content of up to 10 mg, mercury fluorescent lamp industry consumption each year dozens of tons.

thanks to a series of industrial policy support, the industry generally bullish on China's LED lighting market. According to statistics, from 2009 to 2013, the size of the market of the compound growth rate reached 43. 58%, by 2013, China LED lighting market is expected to reach 73 billion yuan. Home is the world's largest lighting application market, family lighting is also indispensable for consumers. LED lighting system to replace traditional light bulb sprinting residential lighting market, the light bulb, but as consumers for the sensitivity of the price is high, so the LED lighting in residential lighting market in 2012 by about 13%, the permeability of remains to be promoted.

after the first two years of the LED industry consolidation and price adjustment, from the market order and competition is more healthy, stable, this year will be ideal opportunity for the rapid development of LED. As the last two years of excessive investment capacity phenomenon gradually ease and off to the middle, chips and downstream end products bargaining power will be strengthened.

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