Opportunism across the LED must be from the product

by:Sehon     2020-10-19

now almost every family has to do the LED lighting industry, every industry base is in advocate and support this new light source. However, I can said rudely, LED field at present 80% are opportunists in the spoiler. When we are talking about the LED marketing channels, brand construction, project bidding, few people think: their own LED product quality pass. Have you noticed, the frontier city of guangzhou, shenzhen and other, or second-tier cities such as foshan, dongguan, even domestic high power LED products, used in the center of after half a year or gloomy.

to successfully promote the LED, and make it permeates the ordinary life, the enterprise must first obtains from the product quality, to gradually build name recognition and reputation. And the high power LED the quality is not stable, I think enterprises or industries must be from the perspective of comprehensive electronic solutions to comb LED products, rather than unilaterally from heat, light failure, intensity of illumination, or drive unilateral to think, components, circuit boards, etc. In this way can avoid & other; Have a headache medicine head, feet hurt the medical foot & throughout; In conjunction with taking place.

however, the status in quo of opportunism transverse current industry believe that short-term hard to avoid quality as prices lower and lower. As is known to all, opportunistic see where good go, unprincipled, no direction. If set to the LED industry, the performance standards and technologies as stale and pedantic scholar theory for the enterprise, its highest pursuit is to achieve the sales target, of everything in terms of profits, if it has a principle, then its highest principle is only one, that is the price to win.

under the blinds of opportunism, not only a few people realize that the quality of the products, could destroy a industry. For most of the end user, the LED is still a new product, new products appear in the process of promoting quality defects, are more likely to shake terminal consumers already & other; Fragile & throughout; Confidence.

reject opportunistic, LED their own positioning is crucial. Enterprise cannot be for short-term interests and ignore the product development and quality improvement, and give up long-term development goals. Crown today remains export-oriented, the products through the certification is the first lesson. Certification, for example, some LED companies in terms of certification or through some small private not qualified institutions, quality of a lot of moisture, or do the false report with low price. In their eyes, the so-called certification is to buy a piece of paper ( Passport) ,“ Goods go a single is a single, true to an accident, big deal closed & throughout; 。 Underneath in LED industry booming, hold the idea of opportunism is not a few, this is about the future of the LED industry.

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