Outdoor LED lighting engineering cold or warm?

by:Sehon     2020-11-07

the world many citizens of the city and the city government always require only warm color temperature of the outdoor LED lighting installation. It also got some always support constraint of color temperature related to arrange support, such as the world dark sky association ( 国际黑暗天空协会) 。

for this situation, the American association of lighting engineering ( IES) That is intensive research work about the LED lighting color, purpose is to make drivers and pedestrians road when the traffic safer at night.

Shirley, the chairman of the association of lighting engineering Coyle suggests that even if the actual problem and poor lighting planning or poor planning of lamps and lanterns, but seems to be some parties to meet strange only in light color. Some advanced LED equipment is installed, you won't have any complaints. When more complaints, however, is often about the original high pressure sodium ( HPS) Color difference between light and LED.

under certain conditions, these are not of those who tend to be warm color temperature to promote and expand. Shirley Coyle, points out that some people on the grounds that the disruptions in circadian rhythm blame outdoor lighting color temperature and neglect other important aspects, such as light intensity, light shining moment in time.

she shows that the customer's personal preferences will by using different. Generally, in the community will choose the 3000 k color temperature of warm color lamps, and road and highway will choose 4000 k color temperature of the lamp.

in addition to choose suitable customers and using color temperature, using carefully planning to cut the glare of lamps and lanterns is also crucial. Another important task is to ensure a minimum standard lighting planning conjunction IES, restrain, light invasion and to meet customer requirements.

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