South Korea stepped up efforts to promote the LED industry

by:Sehon     2020-10-13

this year, the south Korean government support for the LED industry also increased year by year. In addition to promote the industry to develop standardized, the government also spend a lot of money to help the LED industry. It can be said that in recent years South Korea LED industry development by leaps and bounds.

priority we look at the south Korean government measures in setting standards.

a: the south Korean government has for several years, the will of LED traffic lights, tie-in power LED lighting lamps and lanterns, all kinds of LED lighting products in KS standards, to provide the Korean manufacturers in domestic market and international market has a better basis for reference.

2: South Korea to the international standards, improve competitiveness, from Korea KS standards also consider international lighting of the specifications of the standard, as far as possible through domestic standardized authentication way, asked South Korea lighting manufacturer for LED lighting lamps and lanterns of the specifications of the standard, at least in the world have the ability to enter mature markets such as Europe, America and Japan.

3: South Korea at present stage lighting energy efficient machine materials specifications including South Korea, South Korea energy efficient machine suppliers, the three major categories, such as the Korean certification of this certification for the mandatory only South Korea.

South Korea this a series of mandatory standardization initiatives worthy of the Chinese government, now is because of the lack of domestic industry standard, lead to the phenomenon of chaos, the domestic LED industry now don't address this phenomenon, the domestic LED industry has always been unable to become bigger and stronger.

on the other hand, South Korea this year more money into the development of the LED industry

Korean government announced that 2015 years ago, will invest 300 billion won ( About 2. $7. 9 billion) Support the development and production of LED industry, and in the process of promoting the LED industry to leapfrog support strategy.

it is reported that the south Korean government plans to incorporate LED lighting business 2015 years ago to the world advanced, the new policy focuses on how to turn the LED technology creative to merge with both industries such as lighting, medical, etc, create more high value-added technology, and put forward to ensure the creation of new market leading competitiveness, to ensure that the market and consumers trust and form a virtuous cycle of industrial ecology and so on three main policy task. And off from the original blue leds, develop diversified special wavelength or full color product and technology, preparation can activate the LED plant factory, intelligent vehicle headlamps and other creative LED fusion industrial base.

therefore, text combines LED and IT first, will ensure through individual or central control system of managing the sources of energy, lighting, cooperate with the user the psychological and physiological bespoke lighting, sterilization and purification function of lighting new market competitiveness. Today at the same time the south Korean government plans in 2011 to implement lighting features labeling system and management system of the evaluation results, convenient for consumers to identify the product, at the same time induce large, small and medium-sized enterprises to strengthen cooperation relations, business plan 2011 years LED industry BBS, and provide the technical communication between enterprises LED to compare experience exhibition hall, etc. , can reduce the cost of small and medium-sized enterprises in LED lighting certification burden, architecture a virtuous cycle of ecological industry.

this on the one hand, our government has done it, but money is to focus on? Whether the into the development of the industry? This is well worth related departments to study. On government subsidies and support the flow of money and benefit from the research of the enterprise, it can better develop after the government support and subsidies.

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