Surveying of land science and technology as you analyze the defects of LED lighting industry

by:Sehon     2020-10-31

at this stage, because of the blind development of LED lighting industry in China, and lead to lack of core technology, lack of innovation, market competition, and many other problems. Core technology lack of

in terms of production, at present the LED in the domestic lighting market is only 5%, the permeability of the core technology imports, higher overall costs become a stumbling block to hinder the further development of LED industry.

the LED chip is like a car engine. The lack of core technology will directly restricts the development of the industry. It is understood that LED the upstream chip production technology are mainly in the hands of foreign companies, technology localization process is slow, affect the development of the industry. MOCVD epitaxy furnace and related supporting technology is one of the most high-end LED industry chain, at present mainly rely on import, greatly restricted the LED industry upstream of the cost control.

a lack of innovation

in terms of the overall level of China and the international first-class level there is still a gap of about two years. Many of the world's developed countries and developing countries or regions are in accelerating the development of semiconductor lighting technology and industry, on the technology, China is in the second tier.

disorderly market competition

blind investment and a lack of core technology has the good and evil people mixed up China's LED lighting market, the good and bad are intermingled. Quality is not stable and is LED enterprises generally face a difficult problem. Some customers bought back the LED energy-saving lamps, even thousands of hours till the end, even quality is worse than traditional lighting. There are lots of low-quality products for the LED lighting market of small and medium-sized enterprises, industry structure is not stable.

with the international giant firms to enter the Chinese market, many with a range of core competitiveness of domestic enterprises will face the risk on the merger and acquisition, and the lack of competitiveness of enterprises, or will be eliminated directly, if we don't try to standardize the market, the future is likely to be reduced to the point of for foreign lighting giant be forgotten. Enthusiasm will overdraw the future of the development of production capacity and market. Is the foreground is still struggling, what exactly opportunities and challenges facing China LED lighting industry.

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