Use LED lamp cup

by:Sehon     2020-11-06

the lamp cup is led light source for lighting in one of the new type lamps and lanterns, its low power consumption, strong cohesion, using the full length, use range wide, adornment sex is strong, and many other advantages, and was deeply loved by customers. What about light cup planning what are the characteristics, use and when the choose and buy should pay attention to what issues? We'll see related knowledge.

light cup using the advertent items

( 1) Away from fire and water

in the process of using light cup, to stay away from dangerous environment, such as close to the fuel, such as close to the water. If it is installed in the water source nearby, because surrounding air is moist, may cause leakage issue. However, if fuel nearby lights for a long time, would result in higher ambient temperature and fuel of fire.

( 2) Outstanding touch

when installing led lights cup, it is best to wire, wire and connector, and so on fixed installed, touch must remain outstanding, or simply due to poor touch power disturbance.

how to choose and buy led lights cup

1, appearance

lubrication, high quality led lights cup surface texture like frosted glass. And inferior lamp cup surface may scratch or even crack, is not recommended to buy this kind of lamp cup, in the late life spans shorter.

( 2) Brand

a relatively big brand lamp cup quality is more assured. Therefore, as far as possible choose well-known light cup brand products. Inspection certificate of quality and product specifications at the same time, to see if their products comply with relevant national standards.

( 3) Field test

the working condition of field test lamp cup. Will apply power led lamp cup, see light of light, a moment, and the light bulb how to heat up the moment.

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