What about the quality management system in Sehon Light Bulb ?
Hangzhou Sehon Technology Co., Ltd.has established a sound quality management system to enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth. Quality management plays a crucial role in the supply of led fluorescent light . It is also a key resource in the competition for customer relationships and our striving to deliver a superior experience. We implement a set of sound quality management procedures to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards and perform optimally.

Sehon Light Bulb has gained several patents for its technology applied in production of outdoor flood lights. led spot lights produced by Sehon Light Bulb is very popular in the market. Sehon led panel lights is designed by designers who have abundant experience in creating shoe materials and shoes. The designers combine the philosophy of foot orthopedic with biomechanics to create a product that perfectly fits human's feet. Made of non-toxic materials, it is totally mercury-free. led down lights can greatly improve capacity for your products. The product won't produce glare and radiation at all, protecting people's eyesight.

To supply the best led filament bulbs for customers, Sehon aim to do the utmost to achieve the goal. Contact!
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