What companies are producing led filament bulbs ?
There is an increasing number of producers producing it as the need of led filament bulb increases from the overseas market. Hangzhou Sehon Technology Co., Ltd.is recommended. It's a firm which has its advanced techniques specializing in manufacturing exquisite product. With an excellent R&D team, it has its excellence in developing new products and customizing the distinctive products based on the needs of customers.

The strength of Sehon does not only rest upon led growing lights alone, and it also rests upon the reputation from customers. filament light bulbs produced by Sehon Light Bulb is very popular in the market. Sehon led filament bulbs has been manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of international quality standards for gifts and crafts, and its quality can be guaranteed because it has passed through many quality certifications. It offers a comfortable and soft light for people's eyes. Professionally designed by experienced experts, outdoor street light is used to enhance the performance of led road lights. It offers a comfortable and soft light for people's eyes.

Upholding the working spirit of flat led light, Sehon provides the most convenient led panel lights. Contact!
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