What is the difference between LED project-light lamp and fluorescent lamp

by:Sehon     2020-11-06

LED project-light lamp: a lot of factory, production line and the underground garage, can install LED project-light lamp, fluorescent lamp, can also be installed under this situation, what is the difference between installing LED project-light lamp and fluorescent lamp?

LED project-light lamp and fluorescent lamp, LED project-light lamp quality requirements higher, longer life, and can be installed outside, also have certain adornment effect, the light intensity is bigger. LED project-light lamp is also known as the spotlight, it can light aimed at any place, in addition to the application in the garage, indoor stadium, tunnel lights, also used for outdoor lighting, such as park, overpasses, outdoor stadium lights. Have certain waterproof LED project-light lamp over the functional requirement, the IP protection grade, LED project-light lamp currently on the market generally above IP65, h&q LED project-light lamp is IP68 protection grade, waterproof and dustproof level is higher. With the fluorescent lamp is one of the most obvious difference, project-light lamp generally use in large area lighting, and demand a higher quality of illumination lamps and lanterns and occasion.

fluorescent light is downy, commonly used in indoor, such as school, office, corridor, supermarkets, etc. , can also be applied to areas such as the installation in the garage, rarely installed outdoors. Fluorescent lamp, etc. It is our common, common lighting lamps and lanterns, light is not dazzling, unlike some of the lamps and lanterns, such as LED street light, if looked up highway LED street light, is a dazzling, it is because the installation on the highway of high power LED street lamps, for various reasons, the light is dazzling, but the small street lamp installation in humanitarian, light is relatively soft, not like highway lights dazzling. Fluorescent lamp in the same way, when buying a fluorescent lamp, out beautiful, high brightness, the prices, the extra attention this fluorescent lamp is harmful to the human eye.

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