What is the led light cup shell material

by:Sehon     2020-10-02

LED lights cup is with LED light source, the constant current drive, optical lens and a metal or other radiator shell combination with high heat conductivity coefficient of the new illumination lamps and lanterns. Compared with the traditional halogen lamp cup, are energy saving, low temperature, long life, rich color and other characteristics. Especially in the case of secondary light lens, mainly choose flashlight focusing principle of parabolic surface design, can be more useful to reduce the loss of light. After a computer set up simulation reflective cup light source Angle and LED reflectors of the space structure, pursue the refraction of light rail, adjust the curvature of the technical parameters reflecting cover, the lamps in order to achieve the best light intensity distribution and light cup to the functional requirement of the various beam Angle, greatly improving the LED reflective cup photosynthetic efficiency and reduced the astigmatism, dazzle light, perhaps. Reflective surface can be plated orange peel and smooth effect, can make the light more even more soft, no black, yellow ring. After plating, reflective cup reflective high efficiency, high temperature resistant, not to take off layer.

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