What's the use of LED intelligent light bulb

by:Sehon     2020-10-04

LED intelligent lighting lamp no difference compared with the traditional intelligence, is equipped with the control system and link communication module, can the color of the transformation, manufacturing a variety of ways, such as electric shock intelligent lamp, not only can be 1600 w color transform at will. If you think so it would be wrong. No matter from strengthening the party atmosphere is still improve your sleep quality, surveying of land science and technology LED lights manufacturer recommendations for you today to replace smart bulb five big reasons. Intelligence is not equal to the general LED bulb, and they do not like a normal light bulb is used to lighting the room, so it's too boring. And intelligent lamp can do much more. Smart bulb is called smart reason is because they can through the phone APP wireless control, and thus opened the many useful functions. Next to our Shared a few functions of intelligent light bulbs.

now only light bulbs are can use smartphone to scheduling. Put the equipment in the light bulb, then phone to download the APP with respect to OK, then mobile phone can for light color, brightness, switch scheduling, etc. Some intelligent LED lights scheduling lamp brightness, color, can also be punctual switch, can also sing aloud, light color along with the music rhythm beating.

scheduling intelligent bulb is one of the fundamental functions of light and shade degree, just can't demand in the home equipment the dimmer switch can make the light bulb dimming lights. Just put the tunable optical smart bulb twist into the lamps and lanterns, and then use bulb corresponding APP can to dim or brighten it. Of course, choose suitable intelligent adjustable light bulb is also very important, because some shining light bulb when scheduling the branch or declared. Many intelligent control light bulb anytime and anywhere have schedule function, can let you not at home at a control light.

, for example, when you are on vacation, you can turn the lights in the home, can drop the thief to the probability, the safety of the house and then progress. That also means that you can open the light don't have to go home, and can according to demand to be punctual to turn lights, don't always adheres to the open condition, and then to save electricity. And now many smart bulb brand can through an APP to control all the light bulbs. Change the light color in addition, we can through control degree of light and shade to scheduling mood, but we can do more. Many smart bulb can change color. And, most of the smart bulb can produce 16 million colors. We can choose the color wheel in the application by clicking on the bulb color as needed.

philips Hue, for example, you can even change the color of the lighting at any time by Siri. Why do we need a light bulb can change color? If you want to warm feeling of the room, to turn up for your bulb color golden yellow. Suppose you want to calm down, you can be the light bulb color is light blue. Say you to a party, you can use the color of the light bulbs match with the color of the party theme. Other, during the holidays, like Christmas you can dispatch the light bulb color as green and red; Kwanzaa is become black, red and green or light section into blue. Assume that I don't like your metope color? Through smart bulb will turn what you need color metope, do not demand paint from scratch. Play music imagine, though not every room has a speaker, but we still can hear music in any room, and a built-in speakers smart bulb can help me to end this function. Some smart bulb, for example, can according to what you play music type automatic scheduling and light color and brightness. But only the problems existing in the movement is not very big, assuming that left the room could hear. However, the very children bedroom appropriate use.

if you want better quality and don't want a colorful lights, so Sengled Pulse is a good choose. It supplies high quality quality, and is also adjustable light. Sleep help smart bulb can even help you sleep better. C Sleep can declare a variety of color temperature, for example, helps to scheduling the onset of natural melatonin in the human body. Melatonin can shorten wake up before sleep time and sleep time, improve the quality of sleep, wake up in the bed number decreased significantly, short shallow sleep stage, extending deep sleep stage, in the morning wake up threshold value. Adjust the time difference function and strong. C light Sleep helps to restrain melatonin levels in the day, and add the melatonin in the near bedtime. Lighting Science is another kind of can declare soft soothing light, natural circadian rhythm of the light bulb will not stop you.

what's the use of intelligent LED bulb? Smart bulb preliminary grasp smart home from?

when you really go to some intelligent household products want to grasp the time only to find that, like as long as the light bulb can not fee what can directly use the strength.

actually consists of two main reasons, one is the bulb control equipment ( Switch) And user needs operation site orientation, is when you want to turn off the lights at may not switch around; The other is to replace capital is lower, also don't need other equipment allocation. Today we take a look at what are smart bulb can help you open intelligent life.

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