What the advantages of the LED lamp

by:Sehon     2020-10-11

what is the classification of the LED lamp? The advantages of the LED lamp have? Modern family decoration, many will choose to install the LED shoot the light, because the LED lamp installation is simple and it can foil atmosphere, have different effects on the market is popular with young consumers, so the classification of LED to shoot the light what, what is its advantages, small make up to introduce to everyone today.

a, what is the Led lamp:

shoot the light is a typical no advocate the lamp, wuding scale modern genre of lighting, can create an atmosphere of indoor lighting, if a row of small shoot the light, the light can change the curious pattern. Due to the small shoot the light can be combined free transform perspective, lighting effect. Shoot the light is downy, elegant, its also can local lighting, foil atmosphere.

2, the advantages of the Led lamp:

1, energy saving:

the same power of Led lamp power consumption is only 10% of incandescent lamp, energy saving than fluorescent lamp.

2, long service life:

the LED lamp bead can work 50000 hours, longer than fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp.

3, adjustable light:

before the dimmers has always been for incandescent lamp, incandescent lamp dimming the light is red. It's hard to see fluorescent lamp dimmers, this is dimming technology for many years the main reason for no development; Leds can move light again, and both light and dark are all the same color ( Color temperature basically remain unchanged) , it is better than incandescent dimmer.

4, but frequent switch:

the service life of the LED is calculate by when lit, even if the switch is thousands of times per second does not affect LED life, in the adornment such as destroy need frequent light, LED lights have absolute advantage.

5, rich color:

there are white, warm white, red, green, blue and so on all sorts of color, whether it's in the living room beside the headlight small lights or neon lights for ornament, is very bright.

6, low calorific value:

like to shoot the light, many of the 220 v incandescent lamp with not a few days to fail because of fever. 12 v halogen lamp calorific value is lower than 220 v to shoot the light, but there is another due to the lack of power distribution transformer, its brightness than the nominal value. Use LED lamp, no transformer can work long hours.

three, the classification of the Led lamp:

1. Under irradiation light

above can be installed in the ceiling, the head of a bed, ambry, also can hang, fall to the ground, impending, divided into two types, the Tibetan and half Tibetan. Under the light of the lamp is characterized by light scattering from top to bottom to do local irradiation and freedom, the light source is folded inside the chimney, the shape of pipe, sleeve, pot type, concave groove and the wall lamp type, etc, can be respectively put in the porch, sitting room, bedroom, etc.

2。 Rail lamp

mostly made of metal coating or ceramic materials, a pure white, cream-colored, shallow ash, gold, silver, black color; Have long, rounded appearance, size size. Shoot the light beam projection, can focus on a painting, a sculpture, a potted flower, a fine decoration, etc. , can also according to swivel chair in the bedroom host sitting back and create a rich and colorful, verve, strange shadows. Can be used in the living room, porch, or bedroom, study. May have one or more light, shoot the shape and color, moved with humorous of bedroom whole design unified as soon as possible. Rail mounted on ceiling under 15 ~ 30 centimeters, can also be installed in the ceiling rested against the wall.

3。 Cold light lamp.

through the above introduction, everybody to what is the classification of the LED lamp and LED lamp has the advantages of which have a certain understanding, everybody had a similar problem in the future life, you can refer to these methods, hope this article will be helpful to you.

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