Why the more LED bulbs in the dark

by:Sehon     2020-11-01

the more LED lights in the dark, is a very common phenomenon. The reasons for can make the LED lamp dimming, nothing more than the following three points.

drive damage

LED lamp bead requirements in dc low voltage ( Below 20 v) Homework, but we are ordinary mains ac high voltage ( Ac 220 v) 。 Mains into lamp bead demand of electricity, it needs a device, called & other; LED constant current drive power supply & throughout; 。

in theory, just drive parameters match the lamp bead board, you can continue to power supply and normal use. Internal drive is more complex, any equipment ( Such as capacitance, rectifier, etc. ) Attacks, there are maybe cause the change of output voltage, resulting in the lamps and lanterns.

drive damage is one of the most common problem in LED lamps and lanterns, usually after replacing drive can handle. LED burned

LED itself is made up of one lamp bead, if one of the part or not bright, is bound to make the whole lamps and lanterns is dark. Lights are generally first series and parallel & ndash; — So one lamp bead burned down, there will be may lead to a group of lights are not bright.

after burning lamp bead appearance significant black spots, find it, with a wire in its opposite, will it short circuit; Or replace a new lamp bead, can deal with the problem.

leds burnt a once in a while, perhaps by chance. If has been burned down, drive to consider & ndash; — Drive another manifestation of the trouble, is burning lamp bead. LED light failure

the so-called droop, is the brightness of the light is more and more low & ndash; — The situation is more significant on the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp.

leds can avoid droop, but it droop speed is relatively slow, generally it is hard to see with the naked eye. But does not rule out defect LED, or defect bead light board, or due to objective factors such as heat dissipation bad, lead to the LED light failure speed is faster.

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