Why you're your LED bulb light

by:Sehon     2020-10-18

at present, the appropriate on 40 w or 60 ordinary light bulb brightness LED ball steep light zero price is $20 and $40. Although the LED ball steep light has the characteristics of the traditional light bulb can't compare, such as LED bulb light dimmer, taking long, in the condition of 3, 4 hours using the part of the LED ball steep light can use to reach 25000 to 50000 hours of ambition life spans. If properly and save use, might take longer than those used to help. But the LED ball steep light in the eyes of consumers is still valuable, they are worth?

after the market a few standard A19 specifications LED ball steep light apart, let's discuss the real value of the LED bulb light. A 12. 5 w LED bulb lamp, 800 lumens, can be appropriately in the tradition of 60 w bulb; A few other is equivalent to 40 w from different brand of traditional lights.

after dismantling these a few LED ball steep light, can find every kind of LED bulb light chose special closed design, with tungsten and CFL lights heat shrinkable packaging different laminating machine, the LED ball steep light cool packaging increases the cost of all. And in appearance as a selling point to maintain the momentum of LED bulb light, and the price is still can continue. A LED ball steep light of ceramic DengGeng and lining wings, and brought a glass stem, it is higher than with plastic and metal product cost.

second, each model of the LED ball steep light DengGeng department is equipped with a small printed circuit boards, greatly improve the reliability of the LED coefficient, however, under the condition of the high homework, how long is the use of electrolytic capacitors can measure? The LED driver IC is different is that a few LED ball steep light one of the biggest differences. Have a LED ball steep light chose four IC, 40 resistance and 16 capacitance, plus a transformer and multiple diode, can be used in the LED ball steep light dimmer.

once again, the LED and 40 WCFL appropriate lighting, 50 lm/W ~ 60 in lm/W, LED bulb light with 40 WCFL appropriate light efficiency, and CFL light efficiency generally is 560 lm/W; Price a few dollars' worth of CFL bulb to use for eight years. And a LED ball steep light save electricity, appropriate to buy 2 or 3 in the next 25 years CFL light bulbs. Fortunately, CFL bulb with 2 or 4 a set packing. However, for CFL, we avoid the mercury pollution at the expense of the energy consumption. And LED bulb lamps and lanterns has two layers of attraction: firstly it without preheating time, can immediately lit; Secondly it does not contain mercury, LED the rare earth elements is of low toxicity, and the quantity of rare earth elements are rarely used.

as time goes on, the price of the LED ball steep light will decline gradually, it will become the CFL cleaner, safer alternatives, and predictable has longer using life spans. In addition, we also can wait on the new function of LED bulb light; In terms of these, LED ball steep light in the potential of indoor lighting is still can continue to grow.

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