Children with led bulbs for your eyes

by:Sehon     2020-10-23

following day in the level of progress, children learn the local there will always be a desk lamp, lights for a child to be discreet, actually learning under the lights of inappropriate learning can let children myopia, damage to the child. What desk lamp is suitable? Need how many watts of desk lamp for children's eyes? I here to explain this to you.

writing desk lamp light source usually has four main categories: incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, fluorescent lamp and LED. Advantages and disadvantages of each four types of light source in different people may love different light source the light color and brightness, should be appropriate for people. For most of the light can be projected on the desktop, the writing desk lamp light source device of bearing is usually level or down. Children are too strong, or too dark reading under the lights, all owe to the eyes.

ambitious lighting should be like this:

1. Desk lamp orientation: when children read and write, desk lamp in the left front of the desk, so as to avoid the right hand to block the light.

2。 The lamp style: the style had better choose the light does not directly shine on children's eyes, and stationary.

3。 Desk lamp brightness, lamp using 40-watt bulbs or 20 watts of fluorescent lamp, in order to achieve 400 - 700 - lux lighting degrees. Reading interval had better not less than 30 cm; Desk lamp shoulds not be too bright, with general 15 watt bulb is appropriate, use tricolor energy-saving lamps 3 watt is appropriate.

4。 Poor: cut light and shade in children's learning is not as long as open lamp, to open the lamp of the room, it can cut the bad influence of light and shade bad for your eyes.

5。 Droplight of bearing and brightness: we generally living room lights, most of whom were hung from the ceiling, needed for daily life lighting available 40 w fluorescent lamp or 60 watt light bulb 6. Bulbs to update: desk lamp and the light of the room, want to often keep clean, bulb with time too long, or attack shine or lighting falls, must change in a timely manner, to ensure that meet the intensity of illumination. Also you should pay attention to a lamp can't is too high, half reading writing interval is 30 cm, desk lamp can, around 40 cm to avoid too high, the lamp straight into the eyes of a child, really can damage the retina, you have to squat down to the child's height to a day before you turn on the light feeling, whether out there may be reflective.

the above content is my explanation about how about desk lamp appropriate related knowledge, which you can refer to see your house right, expect to have help to you.

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