Induction LED ball steep light change your way of life

by:Sehon     2020-09-28

now induction lamp has been all over the world, can be said, most people know and touch the induction lamp; Because now the market on the ball bubble lamp is now mostly used by corridor with active sensor LED bulb light, active sensor LED bulb light can in such a short few years is agile occupies lighting industry market, with the growing interests are closely linked. How did it change using the method of life?

1。 High efficiency and energy saving under the condition of the same brightness, active sensor LED bulb light for 1000 hours only 1 KWH, general incandescent 17 hours 1 KWH, general energy-saving lamps one hundred hours spent 1 KWH.

2。 The use of long life LED energy-saving lamps theory taking up to tens of thousands of hours, general incandescent light bulb use life spans more than 1000 hours.

3。 Radar sensor LED bulb light products using the principle of doppler effect, after a plane electromagnetic wave antenna launch, when moving object into the electromagnetic environment, the wave reflection back, planar antenna receives the response waveform, the follow-up circuit via detecting the trigger signal. Then the role of on/off.

4。 The LED ball steep light adopts the thinking of integrated planning, the sensors and drive the integration integration, more concise structure, higher reliability, more safe. Than ordinary fluorescent lamps and energy saving effect more than 85%. Full extension greatly. Compared with human body heat release electric induction and acoustic induction, induction interval further, point of view, no dead zone, can penetrate glass and wood veneers, is not affected by environment, temperature, dust, etc, under the condition of 37 degrees, induction interval not shortened.

5。 Reflects the speed, good concealment, radar sensor LED bulb light is a corridor, corridor, underground garage of the best lighting lamps and lanterns. This ball bubble lamp can be installed in the E27 lamp holder.

radar sensor LED bulb light used the existing interface methods, namely, screw, jack method ( E27) , in order to fit people's using habit modeled on the shape of the incandescent light bulb. According to the principle of unipolarity LED light, LED bulb lamp light distribution curve of the point source sex convergence of the ultimate with incandescent bulbs. Based on the characteristics of LED light-emitting radar sensor LED bulb light structure is divided into light, drive circuit, sensor module, cooling device, make a low energy consumption, long life, high photosynthetic efficiency and environmentally friendly LED ball steep light products.

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