Intelligent lighting into the high-speed development of industry and commerce for most applications

by:Sehon     2020-09-26

in the past few years, the intelligent lighting is more & other; Much cry and little wool & throughout; , not really popular. In 2017, this situation occurs obvious change, intelligent lighting & other; no longer Throughout the tepid &; , enter the stage of rapid development. According to the set consulting LED research center ( LEDinside) The latest figures show that in 2017 the global wisdom lighting market size is close to $4. 6 billion, compared with the same growth rate as high as 95%, is expected in 2020 to $13. 4 billion.

in recent years, with mature technology, products, and the popularity of related concepts, intelligent lighting scenarios increasingly rich, generally including LDE lamp manufacturers, commercial/industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, residential lighting and public lighting and other fields.

priority to the development of intelligence in the field of public and outdoor lighting

see wisdom global illumination in the application of the in accordance with the size of the market, in the current stage, the intelligent lighting or still need to rely on public infrastructure construction in the field of outdoor and gradually expand, and this is one of the biggest market & other Throughout the city & wisdom; The construction industry.

in the early 21st century, the United States, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other countries have carried out the practice of urban wisdom, raised a hot wave of wisdom urban construction around the world. Now, intelligent city as a whole has entered the stage of the planning and construction, the wisdom of the world to build the city more than 500, including Europe and the United States and Asia is wisdom city construction to carry out more positive. According to the national urban league, according to the report, about 66% of all U. S. cities started to develop wisdom, and another 25% have not yet intelligent system of urban city, also try to explore the new trend. As China is concerned, at present has released three batch of pilot cities, wisdom for a total of 290 cities; In addition, the construction of cities will be & other wisdom; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; During the key of China's urbanization.

due to the government's support, in major cities in the world to promote urban planning wisdom, wisdom city construction is expected to further speed up in the future, and as an important part of wisdom urban wisdom lighting applications in the public domain will also get a development priority.

intelligent lighting system can improve the utilization efficiency of urban energy, bring real benefits for the city, has an immediate effect, still can use lighting to capture more urban road, space information, through & other; In dungeons & throughout; The data. Widely in urban distribution proportion of street light, intelligent street lamp is according to the number of cars that automatically adjust the brightness, remote lighting control, fault active alarm, lamps and lanterns of cable anti-theft, remote meter reading, and other functions, can greatly save power resources, enhance the level of public lighting management, save maintenance cost. This also explains the wisdom lighting in city construction, more and more hot phenomenon.

intelligent street lamp at present although in the early stage of development, but including the United States, India, the Middle East, such as China have an intelligent street light plan, with the smart wave of urban construction, street lamp market space will prospect infinite wisdom. According to LEDinside figures, outdoor lighting in 2017 accounted for 11% of the world's wisdom lighting market scale.

in addition to the intelligent street lamp, intelligent lighting will also gradually permeate to the station, airport, subway station, underground parking lots, schools, libraries, hospitals, stadiums, museums and other public places. Public lighting, according to data LEDinside 2017 accounted for 6% of the world's wisdom lighting market scale.

industrial and commercial for the application of intelligent lighting biggest

in the public domain after gradually promotion, intelligent lighting social acceptance. Because of the characteristics of the digital can bring more new business models and value growth, so the industrial and commercial lighting is the largest application of lighting for wisdom. LEDinside, according to data from 2017 industrial and commercial lighting accounts for 60% of the world's wisdom lighting market scale.

intelligent lighting an important role in the field of industrial lighting. Industrial lighting is mainly used in large single/double industrial factory building, power consumption, as the demand of the industrial development and the safety of the operators, is also very strict with lights.

the lamps and lanterns of building can be an external lighting control node, through the intelligent lighting system default switch quantity and time, also can set the brightness; Workshop lighting can automatically according to the intensity of natural light to adjust the appropriate intensity of illumination, indoor lighting can also according to different requirements, as the change of seasons and the weather, automatically adjust the appropriate intensity of illumination, not only will not affect the operation, and more human and energy saving, avoid dizzy.

with the development of science and technology, industrial lighting gradually incline to wisdom. China, for example, the main electric group of jingdong, Tmall, amazon, dangdang, etc are in the center of the key cities to build their own intelligent storage, using high quality storage and lighting system, in order to improve the speed of delivery to attract customers. High quality storage and lighting system can not only improve the efficiency of logistics operation, ensure the security of intelligent storage environment, at the same time can reduce the logistics enterprises to maintain cost and operation cost.

LEDinside, according to data from the 2018 global industrial lighting market scale will amount to 39. 3. 4 billion dollars. LEDinside believes that the combination of intelligent control and industrial lighting will change the way the use of industrial lighting lamps and lanterns, significantly improve the added value of lighting products, for the industry to provide long-term growth momentum.

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