On both sides should promote the LED driver circuit and luminous module specifications and standards

by:Sehon     2020-10-27

in 2012 Shanghai international exhibition of semiconductor lighting and BBS ( gl 2012) , journal of Taiwan lighting association executive director/director committee member, lighting journal editor of CIE - Titled 'cross-strait Taiwan general counsel langer made LED lighting technology, to develop a feasible direction to explore and evaluate the report.

in the report at first, langer proposed stood on both sides of the enterprise before the severe reality, integration of international companies LED related industry, through the middle and lower reaches, of course, is the main technology and patent factory, small and medium-sized enterprises should do? Ni chia, Toyoda Gosei, Cree, Philips Lumileds, Osram, traditional, such as the us and Europe in the department of LED manufacturers, grasp key LED AD? Technology, in the middle and lower reaches and its application on industry layout cover, has more than five big players into? White LED designed? Technology of cross licensing, in a certain range? In the AD? Alliance. Although has the world's largest energy production and market, on both sides of the LED industry is still in the weak, still can only obtain hollowing out. In this case, the two sides enterprise what should I do? Is to compromise, never following bitter chase? Or jump dilemmas, find another way out? Looking for a new battlefield?

langer thinks, first of all, we cannot little, small and medium enterprises as long as can have the core technology and innovation ability, still can create the new pattern of lighting industry. Secondly, the two sides should find the characteristics of complementary and mutually beneficial, in the industry to cooperate, looking forward to get ahead, to a win-win situation as the goal, to reach beyond the international situation.

considering the upstream patent barriers, langer thinks, should from the market application side Angle, focusing on promoting standardized industry specifications. At present the biggest drag on both sides of the LED industry lack of unified standard for the product specification, suggested that with the method of joint research and development, industry cooperation of industry, for architecture, jointly promote cross-strait modular interchange specification.

through the comprehensive analysis of the key technologies, langer thinks that LED driver circuit and luminous module is the core of the most fundamental, and brand image correlation is low, as long as the hands on both sides of the Taiwan this specification grading standards, will quickly become a consensus, towards internationalization. Had first-mover advantage and cooperation across the strait, to go beyond the international status quo, have a real advantage.

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