What are the typical features of LED lights cup design

by:Sehon     2020-10-27

LED lamp cup, a perfect hold the LED light bulbs, small lights, let them with more perfect state, different types of lamp cup also have various types of design, the lamp cup design what are the characteristics? Common in the use of light cup, also is not blindly use can, use LED lights cup considerations?

a, LED lamp cup design what are the characteristics of the

1, diverse styles,

the design of LED lamp cup, species rich and colorful, is divided into three color from the color flicker, seven color, three color gradient and so on. Look from the quantity, generally divided into 6, 9 and 12, 38, and so on.

2, service life is longer than the

a long service life is the biggest characteristic of led lights cup, after the test, under normal circumstances, the service life of more than 100000 hours, higher than the same kind of lamps and lanterns.

3, less power consumption

led lights cup power consumption is low, general power in 0. 05 w or so, the power consumption is much lower than other lamps and lanterns. Use led lamp cup lighting, greener, can effectively reduce the power.

4, controllable power

light cup is designed to use an external controller to control, more intelligent. Even in the outdoor, people can control through dynamic program, is very convenient.

2, using a lamp cup note

( 1) Away from fire and water

in the process of using light cup, to stay away from dangerous environment, such as close to the fuel, close to water and so on. If it is installed near the water, because the surrounding air is humid, is likely to lead to the leakage accidents. Near the fuel if lights for a long time, around the need to stay away from flammable substances, cause a fuel fire.

( 2) Good contact

when installing led lights cup, it is best to fixed installed cables, wires and wiring and so on, must keep a good contact, poor contact and produce accident easily.

light cup design what are the characteristics? Lamp cup design feature is also very obvious, when buy, can according to their own needs, ensure buy suitable design of the lamp cup. Use light cup note above, must assure safety using light cup, if use unsafe or not to use it better.

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